Hotel Metropolis has proudly joined the “Greek Breakfast” initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. It is indeed the first hotel in the city of Ioannina to join the exclusive club!!!!!!!

Hotel Metropolis, having developed a sense of courteous admiration and respect against the traditional Mediterranean diet, intends to satisfy the most sophisticated lovers of gastronomic delights. As such, the “Greek Breakfast” offered throughout the week is made up of fresh, authentic and homemade delights of the Hellenic countryside.

The “Greek Breakfast” incorporates the following:

  1. Kneaded bread, baked daily on site
  2. Traditional Tyropitakia (feta cheese wrapped in buttery,  freshly made filo pastry) kotopitakia  (chicken wrapped in buttery,  freshly made filo pastry), and sweet kolokythopitakia (sweet courgette  wrapped in buttery,  freshly made filo pastry)
  3. Homemade variety of jams produced by the local female-only cooperative
  4. Pure honey of local producers
  5. Fresh butter from the local production line of Dodoni, as well as Greek cheese and yogurt from the internationally known FAGE. Carcuterie delights supplied by the local production line of BIKY
  6. Free range eggs from local farmers
  7. Traditional Kourkouto-pita (baked porridge pie with feta cheese) of Epirus
  8. Freshly made daily Queues Lorrain and  “pasta flora” (traditional Greek sweet tart)
  9. Traditional Greek coffee, or  a selection of international coffee freshly grinded on site
  10. Selection of local herbal teas and chamomiles
  11. Freshly made orange juice from Greek oranges

We are confident that the above selection will provide the discreet gastronomic luxury that our guests deserve to experience, in order to start their day in style …….!!!!!