The city of legends & traditions



Built on the shores of a beautiful lake, Ioannina is a city with rich history, beautiful natural environment and intense business and commercial interest.

Explore the capital of Epirus and visit the Castle, Acropolis of Ich Kale, the Byzantine monasteries and the museums of Ioannina. Discover the famous works of the silversmiths and visit the cave of Perama, Dodoni and Zagorochoria. Savor the local cuisine with the famous pies and sweets of the area with every bite to remind you of the geographical position of Ioannina on the border of Europe and the East.


Sights of Ioannina

Important museums, dozens of fine cafes and restaurants, art exhibitions, Byzantine churches and monasteries, a synagogue, well-preserved Muslim monuments, historic buildings with interesting architecture, a unique, primordial cave and of course the beautiful lake.